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    Why Most People Approach Self-Care The Wrong Way.

    When most people consider self-care, they think of bubble baths, a glass of wine, or an occasional date night. The problem is those small occasional indulgences are just that and NOT a self-care or wellness routine.

    For most people, they are not enough to effectively deal with the stress and pressure of work, life, and family commitments. Instead, we need to focus on functional self-care that helps restore your emotional reserves on a continuous basis. For many people true self-care and wellness starts with developing and enforcing boundaries. So often, we overextend ourselves or say yes to added commitments because we don’t want to let people down. We need to be a bit more intentionally selfish. I know that may sound odd or counterintuitive but stick with me for a moment and I will help you see why.

    When we are overwhelmed and our emotional reserves are depleted, we are no good to ourselves or anyone else. No one benefits from the stressed out, overwhelmed, impatient version of you. When we don’t tend to our self-care and wellness that is usually what comes out. It’s almost impossible to be calm, patient, and joyful when you are running yourself ragged. So yes, I ask you to weigh your commitments, figure out what things are optional or can be shifted around and work on setting boundaries with the people in your life. How much energy do you have to give without over taxing yourself and what do you want to put that energy toward? Asking yourself these questions will help highlight the important areas in your life that you need and want to focus on. Start protecting your time and follow your instincts. If you really don’t want to do something, then politely say NO. This is the path to sustainable self-care!